Vertical garden

‘The Next Big Thing’ and the ‘One to Watch’ are terms appropriately associated with Schiavello vertical gardens. They are an artfully constructed concept that can only be described as polished and resolutely modern. Schiavello’s innovative design is becoming increasingly popular with businesses all across New Zealand. This brave design will turn heads, a great way to make lasting impressions on your clients when often the first impression is the most important.

Everybody dreams of being in an office that dares to step outside the grey colour wheel and replace grey-on-grey with something a little more warm and human. A Schiavello vertical garden, with its slick design, will bring an element of playfulness and light into your space. The industrial metal frame of the garden is divided into a grid pattern that is then delicately interjected with potted plants, providing punctuating commas along an otherwise unbroken expanse of wall. This design is a fantastic way to have a potent and vibrant impact on your environment while using minimal space.

Clever and beautiful, a Schiavello vertical garden reflects the importance of colour and texture in people’s daily lives. Schiavello’s bold design appreciates the need for a balance between modern functionality, warmth and beauty. Life will never be mundane again with a Schiavello vertical garden.

Contact us today to find out how we can create breathtaking encounters for you with a Schiavello vertical garden, and for all in its presence.

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2000mm H x 200mm W

2500mm H x 225mm W

3000mm H x 250mm W


1000mm H x 1000mm W

2000mm H x 1000mm W

3000mm H x 1000mm W