Would you like to understand how plants benefit your health and well being, while saving you money? Have all your questions answered here.

What can plants do for you?
Plants are a natural life force for improving your health. Numerous studies, including those by NASA, show that people in the presence of indoor plants experience:

  • Enhanced work efficiency
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduced sick leave

Interior plants combine form and function, they will:

  • Improve your corporate image
  • Create a positive image
  • Increase employee attentiveness
  • Add colour and soften harsh building lines
  • Increase staff comfort levels
  • Attract and retain top employees

All this can result in cost-savings for your business, read on to find out how.

What do people think about your business?
What better way to improve your corporate image than with an interiorscape by inscape. We can transform your place, easily and effectively to create a completely new look for you. Need to divide open spaces, screen areas or soften the look of your interior setting, then interior plants are the answer for you. What’s more, plants and pots can be used to echo your corporate colours. Whatever you are after inscape guarantees that they will provide you with an interiorscape solution that is professional and speak volumes about your business.

More bang for your buck
Numerous studies have come to the same conclusion, that indoor plants can increase worker efficiency as much as 12%. One way they do this is by absorbing noise and therefore reducing distractions in a constantly busy workplace environment.

Happier workers
What’s more, interior plants have been proven to cause people to be less stressed, making for happier workers! Use your interiorscape to make those in its presence intuitively calmer.

It’s time to be bright and vibrant
Plants can be more than a green backdrop. With all the species that nature has on offer there is a vast array of plants full of colour. Splash your place with bright hues interspersed with brilliant greens. Mimick your corporate colours with our plants or perhaps add an entirely new colour altogether.

Cost-savings through comfort
Are you spending more than you would like on comfort control systems such as air conditioners? Interior plants are a great way to tackle the problem. Plants are a natural way to maintain the balance of humidity in your workplace, therefore reducing the need for mechanical systems. Keeping humidity at its optimum not only ensures that your workers are comfortable, and therefore more productive, it also means less damage to your building. When humidity falls out of the recommended range a number of things can happen to the structure of your building, including cracking and condensation.

Healthy air for everyone
It is important to seriously consider the indoor environmental quality of your building for your health and the health of your employees. Indoor plants are an excellent way to improve your indoor environmental quality by removing yucky toxins from the air you breathe. Did you know that indoor air can be as much as 10 times more polluted than the air outside? Beginning to really think about plants as part of your functioning indoor environment now? Don’t let you or your employees suffer from headaches, irritated eyes and skin complaints when you could create a healthy and ambient atmosphere with one of our beautiful interiorscapes.

Want the best employees for your business?
Attract and retain top employees with interior plants. Inscape can create a stunning interiorscape for your business which will contribute to your workers positive perceptions of their workplace. Studies show that when people feel positive about their work environment they are less likely to seek employment elsewhere. Encourage loyal workers, who identify with their workplace, with a high quality interiorscape by inscape.

What now?
Fling your business into the 21st century with inscape’s striking interiorscapes, which provide a collaboration of form and function. Contact us today to see how we can revolutionise your place with our extensive plant and pot palette.

For more information on the benefits of indoor plants have a look at www.ieq.co.nz